As small business owners who experienced the frustration of not getting paid and the challenges associated with the traditional collection processes, we decided to become the solution!

We created Paysco with a distinctive concept to address two needs: Pressure clients to pay before they get hurt by a negative score and, at the same time, be able to see if our client is a late-payer with other vendors.

We are poised to turn Paysco into an industry standard! Businesses that extend credit will let their clients know that they are using Paysco to report, collect, and prevent late payers. Before turning to another debt collection agency, turn to Paysco. We’re here to provide a novel form of debt help to small businesses that have been impacted by non-payers.

Paysco is unique and much more affordable than any debt collection alternative. In addition to solving an existing problem, Paysco helps to prevent recurrence by providing customers with an unprecedented payment behavior score that lets them make better-informed decisions prior to issuing a credit to their customers. Reach out to Paysco to learn more!

Join Paysco today and help us raise awareness that paying on time is a key factor for the survival of any business!